Simple Funerals

Sometimes, simple funerals are the best option: perhaps your loved one would have preferred a low-key affair with a minimum of fuss, or maybe the family are after a low-cost but dignified ceremony that can be attended by close friends and family to pay their respects.

P & S Gallagher can offer simple or basic funerals around Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex for those who would prefer a more modest or affordable ceremony.

Affordable Funerals

Low cost funerals don’t have to lack meaning or dignity. Our affordable funeral services still benefit from the expertise of our experienced team, who will remove and look after your loved one until the funeral, ensure all necessary legal documentation has been completed, provide a simple yet classic coffin and transport your loved one in a hearse to the service location. A P & S Gallagher funeral director will also be there to guide and help you through an inexpensive funeral service.

Our budget funerals treat your loved one with the same levels of care, compassion and dignity as traditional ceremonies. To find out more about affordable funerals from P & S Gallagher, get in touch with us today.